What to Enjoy At Lake Nacimiento This Fall

Lake Nacimiento
Fall activities at Lake Nacimiento

Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, you might feel like the season is over for summer fun at Lake Nacimiento. Truth is, the weather remains warm for awhile and activity never ends at The Dragon! If you’d still like to relocate on or closer to Lake Naci, or you’d like to plan a fall getaway to the lake, there isn’t a better time to do so.

As your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, I can tell you that the crowds tend to get a little smaller in the fall, as vacationing families head back home for the school season. Therefore, it’s a great time for locals to enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, camping, etc. out on the lake.

Here’s a list of great fall activities to enjoy at Lake Nacimiento:

1.  Fishing. It’s hard to sit in a fishing boat during the hottest hours of the day, and the fish don’t bite much when the lake is filled with crowds and boats. Therefore, during the summer, your only bet is to fish at dawn or dusk. Once the temperatures start cooling and the crowds decline, fall is one of the best seasons for fishing on Lake Nacimiento!

2.  Boating. Whether you’re taking your pontoon boat out for a cruise, or you’d prefer chilling on the lake with a kayak or canoe, fall is a great time to do so, with less crowds. You’ve got more water to yourself. It’ll still be warm enough for water sports and swimming, too.

3.  Camping. The best time to camp is when the temperatures drop a bit and the bugs decrease. This fall, it’ll just be cool enough to enjoy a campfire without sweating next to it! Then you can curl up in your sleeping bag after s’mores and cuddle up to a good night of rest on a cool evening. Wake up the next morning and go for a stroll along the lake, or go boating or fishing. It’s perfect!

4.  Backyard. If you live on Lake Nacimiento, one of the main perks is being able to walk outside your house and enjoy serene lake views. Head out with your morning coffee and newspaper, or relax in the evenings with a drink. Eat lunch outside down by the lake, or set the patio table for an outdoor family dinner. Take advantage of less crowds and noise by enjoying your own piece of paradise more!

There are also some great events and activities to look forward to on the Central Coast this fall, which we will update you on in this blog this season. So stay tuned, and in the meantime, enjoy your time on The Dragon! If looking to buy a Lake Naci home this fall, permanent or vacation, give us a call at Oak Shores Realty! If wanting to sell, contact us. We’re here to help all of your Lake Nacimiento real estate market goals come true.

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