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Heritage Ranch Information


Heritage Ranch is located on Lake Nacimiento, northwest of Paso Robles, in northern San Luis Obispo County. Click here for directions and a map. Heritage Ranch is a planned and gated community of approximately 9,250 total acres with 13 subdivisions of various types and totaling more than 1,700 residential units. Two of these areas are Tract 1990 Lakeside with 86 lots in Phase 1 andTract 1910, River View Estates, has 150 lots. The master plan provides for up to 2,900 parcels and one new sub-division with 225 dwellings in development. In addition to homes, there is a senior center, fire station, deli, general store, and RV storage.

Heritage Ranch CC&R’s Part 1 as of 08-10-2011, CC&R’s Part 2 as of 08-10-2011, Master Plan Map, Membership Handbook and Tract Map

Lakeside Village CC&R’s and Tract Map

River View Estates CC&R’s and Tract Map


The Heritage Ranch Owner’s Association was incorporated on January 28, 1972 to manage and maintain the areas owned in common including the gateways, public easements, campgrounds, marina, equestrian center and trails, community center, swimming pools, tennis courts, parkways, grass plots, parking areas, buildings, and other facilities dedicated to community use. Quarterly dues are collected from the Owners to pay operating costs and to fund the reserve account for large maintenance and restoration expenditures.

The community has a water recreation focus with more than 1000 water craft owned by residents. Equestrian activities add to the mix, as does an active senior’s organization.

Heritage Ranch is undergoing the same paradigm shift that similar communities are experiencing, with an increasing percentage of younger families. This change in demographics, along with a growth in permanent residents, will continue to increase the impact on facilities and services.


Campsites are available on a first com first serve basis, and the primary member, co-member or tenant must make the reservation and pay in advance at the gatehouse. Any guest who is deemed to be a nuisance or threat will be asked to leave the premises with all fees forfeited.

All pets are required to be on a leash in the campground area at all times and not to be left unattended outside your camping unit. Checkout is 1:00 PM. A handout of the complete Campground Rules is provided by the Gatehouse attendant to the primary member, co-member or tenant making the reservation.


  • Floating Docks – For primary members, co-members and tenants who lease them from the Association. If an unauthorized person utilizes a floating dock, a citation may be issued and/or their watercraft may be towed.
  • Private Docks – For owners who have continuously registered them with the Association since 1999 as specified in the Association’s Private Dock Policy. No new private docks are allowed and no owner may transfer their rights to another owner. Private docks are required to be removed when the owner moves from Heritage Ranch. Each owner of a private dock is required to register annually with both the Association Office and Monterey County, pay the annual fees and provide proof of current liability insurance in order to receive their annual private dock permit. If an owner or guest would like to temporarily leave their watercraft in the water, they may anchor it near or on the shoreline.


Two iron rangers are located at Heritage Ranch. One is near the Gatehouse entrance, and the other is in the Marina parking lot. Both daily and annual fees are available. Contact Monterey County Parks Department for additional information:

2771 Nacimiento Lake Drive, Bradley, California 93426 Phone (805) 472-2311.

The Association is not responsible for any citations that occur on Lake Nacimiento.


A pool attendant is on duty while the swimming pool(s) are open. Opening and closing seasons are determined by weather conditions.


Open daily from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Tennis shoes must be worn on the tennis courts at all times.


Use of the parks and play areas is on a first-come first-serve basis.


  • Equestrian Center – Space in the Equestrian Center is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is available for primary members, co-members and tenants. Registration of your horse is required through the Association Office. Each owner of a horse kept in the Equestrian Center is required to provide their own stall and tack shed, and must maintain a certificate of insurance for personal liability, provide a security deposit and pay a monthly fee to the Association. A copy of the complete Equestrian Center Rules and Regulations is available at the Association Office. When there is a waiting list you must fill out an application form to be placed on the waiting list. When a space becomes available, the next person in line is contacted (in person or by message) and given 48 hours to respond or their name is removed from the waiting list.
  • Pavilion – A primary member, co-member or tenant may request to reserve the Pavilion for private non-commercial use. Non-commercial use is defined to mean that no individual shall charge a fee or use the Pavilion to obtain profit for themselves.
  • Recreation Barn – A primary member, co-member or tenant may request to reserve the Recreation Barn for private, non-commercial use. Non-commercial use is defined to mean that no individual shall charge a fee or use the Recreation Barn to obtain profit for themselves.
  • Small Pool – A primary member, co-member or tenant may reserve the Small Pool after hours of operation on Equestrian Road for private non-commercial use. Non-commercial use is defined to mean that no individual shall charge a fee or use the small pool to obtain profit for themselves.


San Miguel Joint Union School District serves elementary students at Cappy Culver School near Heritage Ranch & middle school students at Lillian Larsen in San Miguel. Paso Robles Union District serves high school students.

Within an hours’ drive there are many cultural events and experiences. Central coast beaches, wineries, art galleries, the Performing Arts Center at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, theaters, restaurants, bicycle and hiking trails, and numerous clubs and seasonal activities are available