Buying Investment Real Estate near Lake Nacimiento by Using Your IRA

Imagine owning an investment property on Lake Nacimiento and enjoying all of the benefits that come with it. You’ll be diversifying your investments, and when you rent it out to vacationers, the rental income you receive is tax deferred. For many, though, the big question is, “How can I afford to buy investment property near Lake Nacimiento now? I’m not even ready to retire yet.” The answer is: use your IRA. Yes, you can tap into your IRA funds without paying a penalty!

Let’s say that you’ve decided to buy a retirement home now as your investment property and you’ve decided you want this home to be near Lake Nacimiento. You are entitled to use the money in your IRA to purchase this home, and then you rent to it out to vacationers until you are ready to retire. Your next step is to put your rental income into an account that remains tax deferred until you start taking withdrawals. When you are ready to retire, you’ll simply direct your IRA to turn over your rental income to you as a distribution. This is done at the current market value – another great tax benefit.

When you decide to use your IRA to invest in a Lake Ncaimiento home, you’ll need to remember the strict rules that apply:

  • The house or property you have purchased must stay in the trust until distribution at retirement.
  • You must treat the property like any other investment.
  • You cannot manage the property yourself. However, you are allowed to hire a company or property manager to collect rent, do repairs, make improvements, etc. Contact Oak Shores Realty to find out who they recommend for property management for Lake Nacimiento vacation homes.
  • The profit you receive from the rent(s) have to be returned to the trustee.
  • If you buy a home in which you plan to live, you cannot use the money from your IRA to do so.

Because you’re controlling how your money is invested, using your IRA is a smart move. If you decide, though, that you want to get out of this type of investment, you can direct your trustee to sell the property in order for you to reinvest the money in another place.

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