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Lake Naci Spring Cleaning Tips

If you’re in the spring cleaning mindset as a Lake Nacimiento homeowner, let’s talk about how to keep your cleaning efforts in place for longer! There is nothing worse than watching your house get dirty immediately after you spend time cleaning it. As your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, I’m here to share some tips on how to keep your house cleaner for longer.

1.  Make humidity your friend. Here in California, we tend to have low humidity, which causes static electricity. Static attracts dust and makes it stick, so it’s hard to remove. Too much humidity causes problems too. The ideal humidity level in a home is between 40 and 50 percent. Consider a whole-house humidifier, or a few small humidifiers scattered through your home, to help you combat dust (and to help you breathe better).

2.  Keep shoes at the door! About 80 percent of dirt inside comes from walking in from outside. Make sure everyone in your home is taking shoes off at the door. Keep doormats around each door, inside and out, to capture dirt before it hits your floors or carpets. This is especially true when family members come traipsing in from the lake and drag sand into the home!

3.  Have a designated place for lake items. Speaking of Lake Naci, we all love to live by it, but we don’t want it in the home. Set a designated place for people to drop off lake clothes after a day of fun at the lake. Have everyone walk into the mud room, or the nearest bathroom, to change and leave their bathing suits, towels and clothes, so that sand doesn’t get any further than that. Put a bin outside for towels and access clothes to be dropped off in. Get creative!

4.  Apply rain repellent to shower doors. After you scrub the scum off your shower doors and walls, don’t let it come right back. By spraying a rain-repellent product on the glass doors, this will create a barrier to water and oils. You can use this on your windows as well.

5.  Seal your stone countertops. If you’ve got stone countertops, like granite or marble, they are porous and tend to absorb liquids, like your favorite Paso Robles wine! They come sealed, but need to be resealed every so often, ideally twice a year. To test, drop a tiny bit of water on one and see if it beads. If not, it’s time to reseal.

6.  Put together a spot-cleaning kit. Once your Lake Nacimiento home is clean, keep it that way with a spot-cleaning kit for quick cleanups. The more you clean, the less it will pile up, and the easier it will be. Great items for your kit include cleaning pads, damp micro cloths, dry sweeper cloths, etc. Keep closets, cabinets and drawers closed so dirt and dust can’t get in them.

Good luck with your spring cleaning efforts! When ready to accomplish your Lake Nacimiento real estate market goals this spring season, contact me, your Oak Shores Realty agent! I am here to help you sell, buy, invest, find a vacation home, you name it! The sooner you call, the sooner you can settle into your lake home and enjoy all the activities that Lake Nacimiento has to offer this time of year.

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