Lake Nacimiento Boat Inspections Effective May 27!

Memorial Day Weekend is nearly here, and beautiful Lake Nacimiento is ready to welcome you for another great season of boating, fishing, water-skiing and swimming! But first, please read this important announcement and do your part to ensure that Lake Nacimiento is protected from invasive mussels. You will need to understand and comply with this information in order to launch your boat! Only boats carrying stamped and signed permits will be allowed on Lake Nacimiento as of May 27, 2011.

Why is it so important to aggressively protect Lake Nacimiento from mussels? In short, this invasive species can ruin the water’s ecosystem and permanently impair our enjoyment of the lake. More than 15 recreational waterways in California have been closed or restricted due to the threat of mussels.

Quagga and zebra mussels do damage on several fronts. First, they compete with native species for food. Next, they permanently alter water chemistry and impair algae growth. They reproduce at incredible rates, with one million arriving in a spawning season.

Mussels start out life so small that you would need a microscope to see them. As they invade an area and grow, they cluster and clog boat hulls, propellers, engines and cooling systems. They can cover piers and pilings; they clog water pipes and intakes. Ultimately they will coat the water’s edge with sharp, odorous shells, ruining beachfronts.

This is why boaters are encouraged to follow the CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY approach to prevention.

As of Memorial Day Weekend May 27, 2011 all vessels launching at Lake Nacimiento will be required to pass a mandatory screening/inspection and have a Vessel Screening Permit stamped and signed by a certified screener in their vessel.

For more information, please visit these links for Ramp Info and Boat Launch Permits.

Everyone who enjoys Living on Lake Nacimiento knows what a gem we have for recreation. Whether you are a property owner or a vacationer, doing your part to take care of Lake Nacimiento will help preserve these beautiful waters. Thank you, in advance!

I would be happy to take you on a tour around the lake and show you the homes that are currently available on Lake Nacimiento. Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or just want to spend your vacations relaxing on Lake Nacimiento; you’ll be glad you chose the Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch community!

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