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The holiday season can seem hectic, and even more so if you’re selling and/or buying in the Lake Nacimiento real estate market! Our Oak Shores Realty team is here for you, year-round. So whether you’d like to buy, sell or both this time of year, we can help make that happen. And if you are trying to keep your home organized for showings as a seller, we’ve got some great home organization tips to share.

The beauty is that any homeowner can incorporate these tips, whether selling or not. So if you have holiday guests coming to stay at your Lake Nacimiento home this holiday season, or your home is seemingly overcome with wrapping paper and Christmas gifts, these are great tips for you as well!

1.  Dedicate 20 minutes to cleaning and organizing daily. If your home is starting out quite messy, and you’re in a rush to organize, it might take you 20 hours to first get it into shape. But after that, or if you have time to move more slowly, spend just 20 minutes a day putting away mail, sweeping or vacuuming, etc., to keep clutter at bay.

2.  Follow a one-minute rule. If something takes less than a minute to complete, do it, rather than putting it off and having tasks pile up. Place a dirty dish directly into the dishwasher rather than the sink. Break down a box and place into the recycle bin directly after getting a holiday gift delivered.

3.  Leave a room with something in hand. This is a great trick, especially if you have kids or pets. Often items end up in one room, when really they belong in another, like toys, blankets, jackets, dishes, etc. So before walking out of a room, give a glance over and see if there isn’t anything you can carry with you.

4.  Deal with mail immediately. How many of you have mail piling up on your kitchen table or office desk? This is hard clutter to combat unless you do it immediately. Set up a mail station with folders for each person in the family, or folders marked important, bills, junk mail, whatever helps you stay organized. Recycle or toss whatever you know you won’t read or aren’t interested in.

5.  Clean during downtime. If you’ve got leftovers heating up in the microwave, take that time to wipe down the counters. If you’re catching up with a family member or friend on the phone, empty the dishwasher or sweep the floor. During commercials of your favorite TV show or Christmas movie, pick up clutter and return it to its designated place.

6.  Do chores in the same order. Cleaning and organizing will go faster if you always do chores in the same order and muscle memory takes over. Pick up clutter. Dust. Vacuum. Mop. Repeat. Cleaning playlists will also get you more motivated!

7.  Clean up bathrooms nightly. After you brush your teeth, toss whatever clutter is on the counter where it is supposed to go and give the counter a wipe down. Then when a showing gets scheduled, or a guest arrives early, you don’t need to freak out about the messy bathroom!

For more tips, check out this HouseLogic article. Stay sane this holiday season, and contact our Oak Shores Realty team when ready to accomplish your Lake Nacimiento real estate market goals!

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