Your Winter Checklist for Your Lake Nacimiento Home

In my previous blog, I talked about some of the fun events taking place this weekend in Paso Robles that will kick off the holiday season!  It may be hard to imagine that the holidays are so close, but the cooler weather and shorter days are helping us get into the idea of spending more time indoors with friends and family.

As we get closer to winter, now is a great time to make sure your home is ready for the changes this season brings!  While my main goal is to help people buy or sell a home on Lake Nacimiento, I also want to give tips and advice that will help you to continue to enjoy life on Lake Nacimiento and your Lake Nacimiento home as a great experience.

One way to ensure you’ll enjoy your home for years to come is to maintain it properly each season.  Below is a winter checklist that you’ll want to take care of soon so you can sit back and relax this holiday season knowing your home is well cared for.

1. Winterize your boat.

JR’s Boat Repair (house calls)    805-239-5619

2. Clean gutters and house vents.
Bugz-B-Gone        805-472-9172

3. General handyman-get that list of honey do’s done  or order wood for fireplaces
Bandy Smith        805-610-0962

4. Trim branches to lighten trees prior to heavy winds during storm season

Family Tree Service    805-466-1360

5. Clean chimneys and dryer vents
Pro-Clean    805-239-2410
Chimney Doctor     805-466-1442

6. Make sure outside pipes are insulated

7. Turn water off and/or keep thermostat set warm enough to prevent indoor freezing temperatures

8. Cover patio furniture, barbecue, etc. or store for winter

9. Move garbage cans into garage or covered area so they do not blow away

10. Stock candles, flashlights and fresh batteries for those occasional power outages
11. Once the rains start, adjust or turn off your auto drip and sprinklers

12. For roofing needs, call:

Mid State Roofing    805-462-0553

13. Service heating systems and change filters
Chaparral Heating and Cooling    805-239-3545

14. Check smoke alarms and change batteries

15. Check fire extinguishers

16. Consider cleaning carpets
North County Carpet & Upholstery    805-239-9355

17. Deactivate satellite TV if you can to reduce your cost to $5.00/mo.
DIRECTV    800-494-4388
Dish Network    888-284-7116

18. Check and make sure all windows are securely closed

I hope you have the opportunity to work through this list!  It’s a great way to ensure your safety and maintain the good condition of your home this winter season.

As always, I’m here to answer any questions you have about the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market or lifestyle!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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