7 Things that Will Repel Buyers in Your Lake Nacimiento Home!

Selling your Heritage Ranch or Oak Shores home on Lake Nacimiento can be a quick process if you know how to appeal to buyers in today’s market.  As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent, I always provide sellers with realistic market comparables, and the advice to price their home correctly from the beginning.  Having a good grasp of where the current Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market is and understanding that pricing your home competitively, instead of over pricing, are foundational to getting your Lake Nacimiento home sold.

But what about the overall appeal of your home?  While you may understand the market and price your home accordingly, your Lake Nacimiento home also needs to be desirable and have that move in ready feel that buyers are searching for in a home.  Not quite sure where to start?  Here are seven things will repel buyers!  Change them now before putting your home on the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market.

1. Terrible Landscaping– Don’t give off a bad first impression of your home!  Make sure your lawn has been recently mowed and that all trees, shrubs and bushes are trimmed.  Planting a few potted flowers will give your front porch a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Your Personal Paint Palette– While you may love bright yellow walls or the painted bold graphics on your wall; it won’t appeal to everyone.  Neutral palettes will take the attention away from your personal decor and allow the buyers to see the room for what it is.

3. Popcorn Finished Ceilings– Popcorn ceilings are not only an eye sore, but also accumulate dirt (and, if built prior to 1980, may contain asbestos).  You’ll want to have the ceiling tested for asbestos and then hire a professional painter to scrape and repaint the ceiling.  Although it may cost a little extra, it will look much better and will be safer for those moving into the home.

4. Wall to Wall Carpeting– Wall to wall carpeting is a thing of the past, and buyers are looking for hardwood flooring in a home.  It could be that your home contains hardwood floors under the carpet, in which case, it can be an easy fix to rip up the carpet and refinish the floors.  If you don’t have hardwood flooring, it can be a wise investment to at least finish off the first floor or even the kitchen and dining area with hardwood.

5. Brass Fixtures– Fixtures are an easy fix, so if you home is dated with brass fixtures, invest in chrome or nickel finish for a contemporary look.  Not a fan of contemporary?  Black or oil rubbed bronze finishes will give your home an updated classic look.

6. Crystal Faucet Handles– This “crystal” look is made from acrylic and just ends up looking cheap.  Polished-chrome finish will cost you the least and still be durable. Plus, the National Kitchen & Bath Association says that the finish is enjoying a surge in popularity over brushed or satin finishes.

7. Vanity Lighting– Unless you’re going for a 1970’s hollywood theme, the vanity lighting strips in the bathroom that consist of bare round lights needs to go.  Update with  beautiful sconces on either side of a framed mirror or replace it with a strip that has a shade for each bulb and matches your decor.

I hope these tips will shed some light on what buyers do and don’t want to see in a Lake Nacimiento home!  Updating your home to be as appealing to buyers will help move the process along and allow you to get your Lake Nacimiento home sold in no time!

If you have questions or are ready to get starting with the home selling process; please contact me today!  I look forward to working with you!

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