Staging Each Room of Your Lake Naci House

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Staging Tips for Lake Nacimiento Home Sellers

If you’d like to sell your Lake Nacimiento home this year, now is the time to prepare it for a home sale! As your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, my first recommendation is to remove as much clutter as you can. Go through each room and remove what isn’t completely necessary. Donate, recycle or toss the belongings you no longer need, and store away the ones you’d like to keep.

The next step is to deep clean your house, including every nook and cranny. You may want to consider getting it professionally cleaned, because buyers will look everywhere and notice everything!

The next step is to reorganize what is left of your belongings. You want to do this in a way that makes your home’s best features stand out. This is referred to as staging to sell. You stage your home to look like a model home, one that buyers want to live in!

Here are some staging tips for each room of your Lake Nacimiento home:

Bedroom – Think of the way a modern hotel room looks. Make your bed with white sheets and colorful throw pillows. If there’s a focal point, such as a window with a lake view, a fireplace or a large walk-in closet, face the bed toward that. Keep furniture to a minimum so the room appears spacious.

Living Room – Rearrange the furniture so that there is just the right amount to make the room look large but not crammed. Face furniture toward each other to create a social scene. Add lamps for brightness and plants for warmth. Consider a rug for a hardwood floor, and throw pillows that match in color scheme.

Kitchen – Minimalism is key! Remove any clutter from the counters, including small appliances. Only leave a couple items, such as a set of matching tins or a bowl of fruit. Set the kitchen table and place a vase of flowers on it. Clean inside appliances and cabinets, and consider new paint or knobs for the cabinets if outdated.

Bathroom – Make these feel luxurious. Use fresh, white towels for showings of your home. Make sure everything is sparkling clean. Remove clutter from shower, cabinets and counter, and again, only display a few choice items, such as bath salts or a basket of clean hand towels.

Outside – This is the first view of your home that most buyers will see, so make it memorable! Power wash your siding and driveway. Repaint anything that looks dull, including front porch, address numbers, front door, etc. Keep your lawn lush and trimmed. Add potted plants or flowers near your front entry. Remove any clutter.

Lake Nacimiento – If selling a lake home, it’s important to make the lake your focal point, as that is the most important aspect of the home for buyers! Clean all of your windows and keep blinds open for lake views. Create social sitting areas in your backyard, such as on your deck or around a fire pit, where the best lake views can be enjoyed.

For more staging tips, contact our Oak Shores Realty team! We are here to help you through the entire home-selling process, and to help you achieve all of your goals in the Lake Nacimiento real estate market this year!

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