Today’s Lake Nacimiento Update: SLO Department of Public Works Press Release

Thank you for checking back for the most recent update on Lake Nacimiento!  Below is today’s San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Works Press Release.

San Luis Obispo County
Department of Public Works Press Release

March 31, 2011

Lake Nacimiento Sewer Interceptor Breach

The County of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department reports that a breach of the wastewater collection system at Oak Shores, within Lake Nacimiento, has been identified and repaired.  The breach occurred on a lateral cleanout line to the collection system and posed a very low risk of any discharges from the system to the Lake.  The actual result of the breach was a significant inflow of lake water into the collection system and the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As a health precaution, County Department of Public Health and the State Department of Health had issued orders on Tuesday March 29, 2011 to avoid all domestic use of water that is derived directly from the lake when the breach was initially noted.  Subsequent testing of water quality in the lake has shown normal background bacteria levels for this time of year and there does not appear to be any concern at this time.

Public Works Department expects to conclude the verifications on the system by Friday morning for review by County Public Health Department and the ability to lift any water restriction by late Friday.

Until that time, the health officer order is still in effect; specifically avoid swimming and other water contact activities for the time being.  Residents who get their drinking water from the lake (Nacimiento Water Company at Oak Shores, Lake Nacimiento Resort, and the North Shore Boat and Ski Club) may consult the water purveyors for current status of usage.  Delivery through the Nacimiento Pipeline is also on hold until the order is rescinded.

Residents of Heritage Ranch are not affected by the current drinking water restriction order nor are users downstream of Nacimiento Dam.

Questions on this issue can be directed to the San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department at 805-781-5252, or Dave Flynn, Deputy Director at 781-4463 or


Dave Flynn, Deputy Director of Public Works

If you have questions regarding this press release, please contact Dave Flynn at 805-781-4463.  As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent; my goal is to continue to provide you with pertinent information on, not just the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market, but about the community as well!  Feel free to contact me today with any questions about living on Lake Nacimiento!

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