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Lake Nacimiento Home Staging Tips

If you are getting ready to sell your Lake Nacimiento home this summer, it’s important to stage the home to sell! This means that when buyers look at the photos or view the home in person, it will look as much like a model home as possible, and the buyer will be able to imagine living there. As your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, allow me to offer you some tips on this!

There are certain areas to focus on when staging any home to sell, such as the front entrance, because that is what buyers will view first. However, when selling a lake home, there are also special ‘lake features’ that you should focus on if you have them!

Here’s a rundown of how you should prepare your Lake Nacimiento home for a sale:

1.  Show off the lake! If you’ve got views of the lake from your home, flaunt them! Clean all of your windows, but especially the ones that face the lake, as buyers will definitely be checking out the view. Remove lamps, window treatments or anything else that may be blocking the view. Make it obvious!

2.  Improve your lake amenities. If you’ve got a private dock, replace worn or broken boards, and consider painting or staining it. Many homeowners neglect this task, so you’ll stand out! If you’ve got a beachy area on you property, remove weeds and rake the sand to make it look clean and inviting.

3.  Spruce up outdoor space. A lake homeowner is going to want to spend time outdoors. Clean, stain and/or upgrade your deck, patio or whatever outdoor space you’ve got, especially that which faces the lake. Mow the lawn, add beautiful landscaping, set an outdoor table for a barbecue, etc.

4.  Wash your exterior. You should literally wash your home’s exterior with a power washer, to remove dirt and debris that has built up over time. Wash the outside of the windows, trim trees and bushes, wash driveway, sidewalks and all walking surfaces, wash light fixtures and mailbox… you’ve got the idea.

5.  Clean the interior. Same goes for the interior! Clean everything until your Lake Nacimiento home looks cleaner than it’s ever been! Remove as much clutter as you can. Take down personal photos and refrigerator drawings and make the home as neutral as you can.

6.  Emphasize lake living. Once you take away personal photos, toys, homemade art, clutter, etc., your home might look empty! Purchase some affordable artwork of lakes, sunsets, boats, etc. If you’ve got photos of Lake Naci that you’re proud of, frame those! Offer a map of the lake and area.

If buyers are looking to buy a Lake Nacimiento home, it means they want to enjoy lake living! As a seller, it’s in your benefit to emphasize the lake as much as you can. Need more tips for selling your Lake Naci home? Ready to list it? Contact me! As a Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, I am here and ready to help you out!

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