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When you decide to sell your Central Coast home, the first few weeks that it’s listed on the Central Coast real estate market are the most important! This is when you will gain the most traffic from interested buyers. While it may not sell immediately, if months start going by without a sale, it’s time to reevaluate the situation. This is true for sellers who are selling FSBO or working with an agent.

Here are some of the most common reasons for a home not selling:

1.  Your home is overpriced. This is the main reason for a home not to sell. If you or your agent overvalued your property, buyers will choose similar homes that cost less. Compare your property to similar properties in the area that sold recently and see if your price is on par with those. You could always hire an appraiser to complete a pre-sale appraisal, but an experienced Central Coast real estate agent should be able to help you with this.

2.  Your listing isn’t quality. Since most buyers search for their home online now, the quality of your listing matters! If the description is written poorly, or leaves key features of your home out, buyers may pass it right up. Same goes for the quality of the photos. If the listing is good, but the way your home looks could use some work, ask your Central Coast real estate agent for some staging advice.

3.  You’re always home. Buyers appreciate when a seller isn’t around for a showing or open house, as they can look at the home and talk about it freely without anyone breathing down their necks. This makes buyers feel awkward and pressured, so they might not stick around long. Leave as often as you can for showings and open houses, let your agent handle it! Take your family with you, including pets, whenever possible.

4.  You’re stubborn. If your home isn’t selling, it’s time to stand back and determine if you are still too attached to it, or if you’re being stubborn. Negotiations are going to come up in any real estate transaction, and if you’re not willing to negotiate a penny, or a timeline, you may lose an interested buyer. Experienced agents know what types of compromises are worth making, and they will help you determine if a request is too much. They should have your interests above all others!

For more reasons why your Central Coast home may not be selling, check out this RISMedia article, which lists 11 common reasons. If you’ve got questions, or you need help selling, contact us! Our team at Oak Shores Realty is here to help you sell your Central Coast home this summer. The Central Coast real estate market is hot right now, so we suggest that you don’t wait! We can get started as soon as you let us know you’re ready.

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