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Now that the summer season is concluding at Lake Nacimiento, you may want to do some home renovations this fall. Lake homes tend to take a toll during the summer months, with all the water accessories, the in-and-out action and the sandy clothes.

As your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, I think this time of year is perfect for making some home upgrades! You can make your home look like-new using very affordable techniques. If you’d like to sell soon, these are especially great ideas to make your home look more modern and move-in ready.

1.  Paint your front door. Repainting any part of your house is an affordable option to make it look newer, cleaner and fresher! If you don’t feel like repainting the whole house, just giving your front door a paint job can make your exterior pop. The curb appeal value is significant.

2.  Add new address numbers. This is another great curb appeal option that will make your home look newer and more modern. Potential buyer see you exterior first, so make a great first impression! If your numbers already look modern, consider just repainting them or cleaning them.

3.  Upgrade your grout. Whether in the bathrooms, kitchen or elsewhere, if you’ve got tile, you’ve got grout, and this tends to get dirty. To clean it, scrub the stains away with a grout brush and bleach/water concoction. If it still needs help, add a layer of fresh grout.

4.  Add new light fixtures. If you’ve got outdated lighting fixtures, or the lighting isn’t great in your home, replace an old fixture with a new, fun, modern one. This can instantly transform an entire room! Start with the light fixture above your dining area.

5.  Replace cabinet/drawer pulls. Drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can look old and outdated quickly, but replacing them with newer options is an affordable way to upgrade the look of your kitchen and bathrooms quickly, without an entire cabinet overhaul!

6.  Clean your furniture. All furniture takes a toll after some time, due to lots of use, spilled food, dirty paws, sandy towels, etc. Rather than replace, clean them up with old-fashioned elbow grease. Use gentle dish soap and an upholstery brush. (Make sure water is okay for your fabric first.)

7.  Trim up your foliage. In the front and back yards, unkempt gardens, bushes or trees can make the whole yard appear unkempt. Grab a trimmer or saw for the bushes and trees, and grab a shovel and some topsoil for your overgrown gardens. You’ll be amazed how clean everything looks afterward!

Clean your baseboards, remove scuffmarks from your walls, fertilize your lawn… find more affordable ways to make your home look new again in this MSN article.

These are great home projects to keep you busy this fall, and they won’t cost you much! When you go to sell, your home will look newer and more appealing to buyers. When you’re ready to sell in the Lake Nacimiento real estate market, or if you’ve got questions, give me a call, your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent! I am here to help!

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