Boost Your Curb Appeal and Get Your Lake Nacimiento Home Ready for Summer!

Spring is a great time of year here on Lake Nacimiento!  Those who have a vacation home in Oak Shores orHeritage Ranch begin to find time to escape for the weekend to enjoy the warmer weather and activities that the season brings.  Yet, whether you’re a vacationer on Lake Nacimiento or a permanent resident; the spring brings about a list of things to do in your Lake Nacimiento home.

Now is a great time to get outdoors and work on the landscaping and environment surrounding your home on Lake Nacimiento.  As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent for a number of years, I know that homeowners on Lake Nacimiento take great care of their homes, as Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch are communities that enjoy creating welcoming and beautiful surroundings for everyone to enjoy.

So, whether you’re getting ready to spruce up your place or you’re considering selling your Lake Nacimiento home this spring; below are a few ideas for enhancing your curb appeal!  No matter what your budget, there are things you can do to create a welcoming and well maintained environment for your Lake Nacimiento home.  Take a look!

For Free:

Clean up existing plant beds by removing weeds and overgrown plants.

Prune shrubs, but not into an unnatural ball or square shape.

Trim tree branches that hang too low and create hazards.

For $100:

Create a welcoming entrance with one or two big pots filled with colorful plants.

Make a significant impact on your landscape with a few 5-gallon trees for about $35 each, if you plan to stay in your home for at least five years.

Buy seeds, such as a mix of wildflowers, and cover much more ground than $100 worth of plants.

For $500:

Invest in a couple of great architectural pots that make a statement at your entrance. Add rounded boxwoods or a seasonal planting of ornamental grasses and colorful annuals.

Add a bench or garden ornament, such as a trellis or birdbath, to a key spot or a nice mailbox and with some plantings at the base.

Spruce up your foundation plantings with a border of long-blooming perennials.

Pay someone to professionally prune or selectively remove (and replace) overgrown bushes.

Of course these are just a few ideas to help you get started!  Giving your outdoor space a fresh start this spring will ensure you can enjoy it during the warm weather seasons.  You’ll also help provide a well kept and attractive atmosphere to the Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch communities!

Looking for more ways to get your Lake Nacimiento home ready for summer?  Check out more tips and local Lake Nacimiento businesses that can help you get your work done!

Lake Nacimiento Spring Checklist

Service air conditioning: 
Chaparral Heating and Cooling, 805-239-3545

Mid State Roofing:
Get those roof repairs done now, Wade 805-462-9545

Whit’s Tree Service:
For tree trimming and brush clearing, 805-458-5368

Handyman items: 
Get those “honey-do” items done now, Johnny Smith 805-472-2680

Repair holes in screens and adjust screen doors if not sliding properly:

King City Glass, 831-385-3295 or

Clean windows:
Michael’s Windows, 805-466-1812

Clean barbeque and fill propane tanks:
Propane at Bee Rock Store

Carpet cleaning:
North County Carpet, 805-239-9355

Power wash decks and/or stain if needed. Touch up painting:
Alex Ferrel, 805-598-4052

Service your Boat:
JR’s Boat Repair, 805-239-5619 and 805-459-8030 (cell)

Satellite TV:
Reactivate if you have deactivated service for winter. Check batteries in your remotes!

Check fire extinguishers.

Check smoke alarms and change batteries.

Check condition of garbage cans. Make sure you have ammonia and bungee cords on hand!

Buy your Monterey County lake permit:
Have your personal mailing info, CF number (4 numbers and 2 letters) and a Visa or MasterCard ready ($100). Call this number from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday: 805-472-2311.

Get your 2012 Gate Stickers on now. Avoid the long holiday lines at the gate!

If you have any questions about living on Lake Nacimiento, are looking for a home in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch, or need to sell your Lake Nacimiento home; please let me know!   I would love to discuss your real estate needs and walk with you through the home buying or selling process.

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