What to Do While Staying in Your Lake Nacimiento Home

family dinner lake nacimientoWhile we all safely remain in our homes for the time being, we’re bound to get a little cabin fever! As your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, I’m here to offer you some ideas for ways to stay busy, calm, active, and sane.

1.  Structure your days. It’s easy for our days to become a free for all, but that will only lead to chaos and unhealthy habits. If you’ve got kids home from school, set aside hours for them to read, watch educational videos, do chores, etc. Set times for meals, bedtime and wake time, so there is some sort of routine. If working from home, make a schedule for yourself as well.

2.  Make time for family, make time for yourself. This time home together is a great opportunity for spending more time together as a family. We’re all so busy all the time, but now we can cook together, eat together, watch movies together, play games together. Set aside time for doing activities as a family. Likewise, set aside time for yourself, even if it’s just five minutes of deep breathing.

3.  Stay active. While it’s tempting to sit on the couch all day, try to make time for exercise daily. Get some fresh air in your yard, or take a walk or bike ride in the neighborhood. Take advantage of the free online workout classes that are being offered. Use your exercise equipment that has been collecting dust. Turn on some music and dance! Anything goes, as long as you and your family get some movement in.

4.  Tour the world. While it’s expected that everyone will be experiencing a little more ‘screen time,’ that doesn’t mean it has to all be TV shows and video games. Museums around the world are offering free virtual tours online. You can travel from the comfort of your home, and learn a thing or two along the way! If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of the top 10 from Google. 

5,  Improve your home. Have you been putting off home projects for months, or even years? Now you have no excuse! This is the perfect time to declutter your home, taking apart each closet, cabinet, drawer, etc. and removing anything you no longer need. Then you can finally get your spring cleaning in. Order some items online and update lighting fixtures, knobs, window treatments, etc. if you’ve got leftover paint from your last paint job, give your rooms a refresher. Get creative!

If you have Lake Nacimiento real estate goals you were hoping to accomplish this spring, get started on them now! The real estate market never stops. If you want to sell, start to declutter, clean and organize, and give me a call. If you want to buy, organize your mortgage preapproval documents, come up with a must-have list, browse listings and contact me. As your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, I am always here for you!

What are you doing with your extra time at home? Leave a comment on this blog post or on my Facebook page and let me know! Stay healthy!

Grace Borzini

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