Stay Cool and Eco-Friendly This Summer on Lake Nacimiento!

Summer on Lake Nacimiento is a lively time of year with endless outdoor activities and opportunities to get involved inthe Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch communities.  Whether you enjoy boating, hiking, skiing, lounging on your boat or taking in the stunning lake views from your lakefront home; summer is all about enjoying Lake Nacimiento’s natural setting.

If you’re one who enjoys a long day outdoors soaking in the sun and water; you may want to take a break from the heat and come home to a cool air conditioned home on Lake Nacimiento.  And, while the cool may be refreshing, running your air conditioner all summer is not ideal for your utility bill, or the environment.

So, how can you keep cool while still being environmentally conscious in your Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch home?  Below are 6 ways to beat the heat this summer as pointed out by  By following these six simple tips, you’ll notice a significant savings in your energy bill and will help keep Lake Nacimiento an eco-friendly environment.

1. Close your windows– It may seem counterintuitive, but opening the windows will often make your Lake Nacimiento home warmer, not cooler. Open your windows at night if the air outside is cooler than inside, and close them – along with blinds and shades – before the sun hits your house in the morning. When night falls, open windows wide, particularly those oriented toward prevailing winds so you can take advantage of cross ventilation. You may also put houseplants – particularly larger potted trees – in front of sunny windows to absorb some of the sun’s energy.

2. Use fans strategically- Using ceiling fans or stand alone fans can create a nice breeze in a room and help keep you cool.  If you’re using ceiling fans, make sure it’s running in the right direction, so that in the summer the breeze is blowing down, not up.  Remember to turn fans off when you leave a room since they are made to keep people cool, and are not made to cool an entire room. If you’re buying a new fan, buy an Energy Star fan which will use 50% less energy than other models!

3. Cook (or don’t) a cool meal– Just as drinking an ice cold lemonade cools your body, eating cold food helps keep your internal temperature lower on a hot day. One great option: Watermelon and Cherry Salad with Fresh Mint Syrup.  If you do cook, use the grill or the microwave, or else you’ll heat up your kitchen from using the oven and stove. And remember, kitchen appliances aren’t the only devices that give off heat; limiting your use of electronics will help keep your spaces cooler.

4. Shut off the lights– While modern lightning, like compact fluorescents and LEDs, are more efficient, incandescent light bulbs can produce as much heat as they do light. Energy Star-rated light bulbs produce 75% less heat, so consider that when replacing bulbs. It’s always a good idea to shut off lights to save energy, it makes a big difference on hot sunny summer days.

5. Go for a swim or take a cold shower– It may sound obvious, but it’s worth saying: If you’re hot, cool it off by immersing yourself in cold water. Jumping in Lake Nacimiento is always refreshing as it will immediately cool down your core body temperature.  If you’re back home after a day on the lake and still can’t seem to cool down, a cold rinse off in the shower should do the trick!

6. Plant a tree (or two or three) strategically– Your Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch house may get hot because the sun beats down on it relentless on hot summer days. Let nature help reduce your energy bills by planting deciduous trees on the east and west sides of your home; in the summer, their broad leaves will shade your house.  Also consider planting trees or shrubs to shade high-heat areas – air conditioning units that emit heat, for instance, and driveways and walkways that absorb it.

As you enjoy summer on Lake Nacimiento you’ll want to keep these tips in mind to stay cool and eco-friendly!  If Lake Nacimiento sounds like a great way to enjoy your summer or any vacation time throughout the year and you’d like to know more about living on Lake Nacimeinto; please feel free to contact me!  As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent for over twenty years, I can answer any questions you have about the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market or the types of homes that are currently available in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch.  I hope to hear from you soon!

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