7 Short Sale Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid!

Short sales seem to be flooding the market the past few years as our nation has dealt the best they could given our economic state.  If you need to sell your underwater Lake Nacimiento home, a short sale is a great option.  While you may feel discouraged that you won’t get the return on investment that you might in a regular sale, pursuing a short sale is far better than having to go into foreclosure.  Taking action now will help ensure you get your Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch home sold before it’s too late!

As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent for over twenty years, I’ve seen a wide range of homes that need to be sold as quickly as possible.  I know the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market inside and out, and when the market took a turn, I knew that I needed to take action in order to provide my clients with the best service possible.

I became a Certified Distressed Property Expert to help those whose homes were underwater or those facing the possibility of foreclosure.  No one should have to go into foreclosure and face the hardship that greatly affects your credit when it can be avoided!  If you are thinking about a short sale, there are seven short sale mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

Mistake #1: Pricing your Home Incorrectly–  Overpricing a short sale in a buyers market will result in your Lake Nacimiento home sitting on the market for a long time.  Pricing a short sale is not just about appealing to buyers, but also to the short sale bank, the buyers agent and the buyers lender.  A well priced short sale will sell quickly.

Mistake #2: Hiring an Inexperienced Listing Agent–  You’ll want to choose a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent who has experience in dealing with short sales.  As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I can give you a clear understanding of what to expect and help you throughout the entire process.

Mistake #3: Bad Marketing– This goes along with making sure to hire a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent who has an extensive marketing plan.  Your home should undergo the same type of marketing that a regular home would have, so be sure to ask any potential Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent about how they will market your home.

Mistake #4: Showing Restrictions– As the seller, you want to make sure that your home is available for people to view as much as possible.  The more you limit the times that your home can be shown, the more you limit the amount of potential buyers who will view your home.  Flexibility with your schedule is key!

Mistake #5: No Photographs– Again, this correlates with your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent.  Your agent should set up a time to come and photograph your home.  This way, they can adequately market your home and give buyers a feel for what makes your home unique.  Homes that only have a few photographs may cause buyers to skip by the home online and focus on the homes that have more pictures.

Mistake #6: Poor Property Condition– Even though you won’t be making any money on your home, making sure your home is in good condition is still vital in getting your home sold.  Sometime sellers can take on an attitude of not caring, but in order to get out from under the financial burden of your home; you’ll need to keep your home well maintained and make sure it’s attractive to buyers.

Mistake #7: Uncooperative Sellers– As a seller of a short sale, you’ll need to be ready to do more paperwork than usual.  Of course, no one loves to go through tons of paperwork, but being willing to work with your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent and comply with the steps that need to be taken will help get your home sold quickly.

Going forward with a short sale can be a very positive process as you walk away from a financial burden and focus on getting things back in order to be able to buy again in the future.  If you have any questions about short sales or are ready to take the next step in putting your Lake Nacimiento home on the market as a short sale, please let me know!

I will be your trusted resource and guide throughout the entire short sale process.  I look forward to working with you!

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