Lake Nacimiento Flood Releases

Lake Nacimiento is the key ingredient for life in the Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch communities on Lake Nacimiento!  Those living on Lake Nacimineto enjoy skiing, boating or just lounging beside this great body of water.  As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent; I am involved not only with those who are buying and selling their homes on Lake Nacimiento, but with the overall lifestyle that is offered for residents.

In keeping you up to speed on all that’s going on around Lake Nacimiento, I thought I’d share with you what is currently going on with the lake levels.

I spoke with Rob Johnson of the Monterey County Water Resources agency this morning regarding Lake Nacimiento flood control releases. The lake is currently at 91% or 793.81 elevation. The Monterey County Water resources agency took advantage of the Salinas Rivers lower flows after its peak flows late Tuesday and increased releases from Lake Nacimiento to 2500 cfi’s.  As of yesterday at 4:00pm they reduced that release to 1435 cfi’s.

They are meeting this morning and expect to shut down the releases depending on the current forecast.  We are expecting another good size storm today thru tonight. They need to prevent the lake from reaching the 801 level mark. If it reaches this they are required by state mandates to lower the spill way completely and release at the 25,000 cfi level.  This could result in a 50,000 acre feet release.

Right now they have to work hard to create a balance to control lake levels and releases so we do not reach the 801 lake level. The Salinas Valley is currently experiencing flooding in several areas along the river do to water backing up of water. The flow of the river down the main channel is impeded due to the fact that land owners are not currently allowed to obtain permits to keep the main channel cleared.

I’ll attempt to keep you updated on this situation!  If you have any questions about living on Lake Nacimiento; I’d be happy to answer them for you!  Many enjoy the lifestyle that is offered by Lake Nacimiento and its vibrant community!

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