Boating Safety Tips for Summer at Lake Nacimiento

Lake Nacimiento
Lake Nacimiento Boating Safety Tips

It doesn’t get more exciting than a summer at Lake Nacimiento. If you plan on boating at the lake this summer, as your Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, allow me to fill you on some common boating safety tips to keep in mind. Whether this is your first summer at the lake, or you’re a Lake Naci veteran, it’s never a bad idea to refresh yourself on how to enjoy the lake safely!

1.  Always have a responsible driver. The driver of the boat should have a boating license and be of age. Never let a child drive the boat. Make sure the driver is familiar with the boat and how to manage it. The driver should have great vision and should be wearing glasses if need be. Binoculars are smart to have on the boat as well, in case you can’t make out something in the water up ahead.

2.  Always have food, beverages and sunscreen on the boat. The summer sun gets hot at The Dragon! It’s easy to become dehydrated, especially if you’re swimming in the water and don’t notice it happening. Always keep more water than you think you’ll drink on board, along with snacks to keep you energized. Even on an overcast day, a tube of sunscreen is key to preventing sunburns.

3.  Always wear life jackets. No matter how great a swimmer you think you are, you should wear a life jacket. Everyone on the boat should. If something happens to the boat, most people don’t have the strength to tred water for very long. If you get pulled under something, it’s much easier to get out with a life jacket. If you need rescuing, it’s easier to pull you out with a life jacket.

4.  Take precautions before leaving the marina. Never boat alone, always have someone with you. Tell someone when you are going and planning on being back. Check the weather forecast and bring a radio for changes. Check how much gas you have and continue checking while out on the water. Make sure you’re not overloading the boat with gear or passengers. Leave the marina at a slow-no-wake speed.

5.  Swim safely from the boat. Never allow passengers to ride on gunwales, seatbacks or outside protective railings while the boat is moving. Make sure the water is deep enough to jump in, and stop completely before letting anyone jump in the water. Stay away from the motor, as it releases dangerous carbon monoxide gases. Wear life jackets. Stay close to the boat so other boats can see you.

These tips are enough to get you started, but there are plenty more to learn and know before venturing out onto Lake Nacimiento. Take a boat safety class and staying current with your boat and the latest boat safety gadgets. If anything unexpected were to happen out on the water, you’d want to know what to do in a fast, calm manner.

Enjoy this summer at Lake Nacimiento! If you would still like to achieve your Lake Nacimiento real estate market goals this summer, as a buyer, seller, investor, vacationer, etc., contact me. As your Lake Naci real estate agent, I am here and ready to help!

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