What Will 2012 Bring for Lake Nacimiento Real Estate?

What will 2012 bring to Lake Nacimiento real estate? That’s a deep question! While there’s no crystal ball available, here’s a few considerations for the upcoming year. 

Nationally, home prices are expected to come up an average of 2%. Sales activity is expected to pick up by an average of 4%. It’s generally agreed that tight lending standards have kept some qualified buyers out of the market today. If lending standards returned to a reasonable middle ground, we could expect stronger sales activity. 

During 2012, California will continue to have distressed properties going through the market. A key indicator to watch are the loans receiving a Notice of Default for the first time. These spiked in August of 2011 and have gradually declined. It is hoped by economists that improvements in employment figures, along with a stabilizing economy, will help prevent new defaults in the future.

Meanwhile, loans that have already been mired in the foreclosure process are heading into Trustee Sale status in increasing numbers.  This foreclosure activity could affect home prices in the upcoming months.  

With so many factors affecting market value, price trends will vary by county, city and neighborhood. For example, Monterey County home prices have come up a bit in recent months, while San Luis Obispo prices have eased back. This is based on average sale prices for November and December.

The bottom line is, trying to time the market doesn’t work. If you’re interested in living on Lake Nacimiento, the right time to buy depends on your personal situation. If you’re waiting for good prices, they’re already here! The Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market has beautiful homes for sale right now. The communities of Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch home offer you the best of the Lake Nacimiento lifestyle!

As your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent, I’m here to help you with any questions you have about buying a Lake Nacimiento home. Contact me today for the best in Lake Nacimiento real estate services!

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