What to Expect When Living on Lake Nacimiento

Living on a lake is everyone’s dream. But not everyone knows everything that entails living on a lake. While seeing the beautiful views are wonderful, there are some other aspects that you should think about when looking for a home on Lake Nacimiento.

One part of living on a lake is the wild life that also lives there. Ducks, birds, raccoons, deer, and fish are all residents of the same lake you call home. While ducks are sometimes pesky, a great idea is to admire them from a far. Not feeding them will keep them in the area, but won’t have them settling in your yard. Deer are common in the area, and once again not feeding them helps keep them off your land, watching what you leave out is a helpful as well. Keeping your garbage cans securely shut with bungee cords and putting a cup of ammonia in the garbage bag helps to keep the raccoons from making a mess of your garbage.  Also, while swimming in Lake Nacimiento chances are you will feel a fish or two rub up against you, don’t worry they are just fish. However, being educated on what fish they are is very helpful.

Privacy is also something to think about. Once you have purchased your home on Lake Nacimiento, you will be the most popular family member. Requests to use your home for family gatherings will start to roll in, be wise to which ones you host. While this is your home, others view it as a vacation. Take turns preparing meals. (Ask each family to bring the ingredients for a meal).  Make a list and post it of things that need to be done in the home while company is in residence and a list of things that need to be done before everyone leaves. Don’t be shy about asking everyone to pitch in. This is your home and you do not want to feel that you have been taken advantage of by your guest.  Plus they will be happy to help if they see the list posted! While this is your home, others view it as a vacation.

With any type of pet in the home, buyers want to keep them safe. A great way to do this is with an invisible fence, this way your animal is safe, but you still have a spectacular view.

While living on a lake, another question is what kind of boat person are you? Do you want to spend your days with family and friends participating in water sports, or do you want to relax and enjoy the day? A motorized boat is the boat for you if you want to be waterskiing or wakeboarding on a regular basis. A pontoon boat, also motorized is spacious and great to relax in.

Now your ideal home on Lake Nacimiento is ready!

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