What NOT To Do When Making an Offer on a Lake Nacimiento Home!

After searching long and hard, you may have found your dream home in the Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch community on Lake Nacimiento; which is great news!  Buying a home on Lake Nacimiento will prove to be a very rewarding decision, and one that you’ll be glad you made for years to come.  In searching, you probably came across a lot of great homes that are currently for sale in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch on Lake Nacimiento, but you’ve finally found the one that will best fit your needs and lifestyle.

While this is an exciting time as you decide to put in an offer on the home; there are a few things you’ll want to be sure to NOT do while making an offer or during negotiations.  After all, you don’t want to off put the homeowner and have them change their mind!  It’s not over till the offer has been accepted, so being aware of the following things will help the process run smoothly; allowing you to be in your new home in no time!

1. Don’t Depreciate the Property, Its Location or Condition– While you may be trying to justify a low offer; pointing out what’s wrong with the property will not fare well.  If you are hoping to make this your new home, you obviously are willing to overlook the imperfections, so don’t bring them up in negotiations.

2. Don’t Be Nosy– While you may be curious how much the sellers paid for their Lake Nacimiento home when they bought it; it should not make a difference in what the fair market value is for the home today.  It’s great to see that homes in the Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch communities appreciate in value over the years!  The homes past selling history is not indicative of what the home is worth in today’s market. If you want to discuss the homes’ history on the market, ask your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent and they will be happy to talk about it with you, as well as what type of offer is an acceptable one.

3.  Don’t Disregard the Seller- There may be special requests, time issues or other various aspects that will come into play for the seller.  Don’t disregard these requests if they are fair and reasonable.  Ultimately, waiting  a little longer or closing early is not worth losing the home over.  Discuss the requests with your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent and be willing to be flexible with the seller and their needs.

4. Don’t Lowball the Seller– If the Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch home is fairly priced, it’s not necessary for you to make an unreasonably low offer.  Your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent will go over the comparable homes on Lake Nacimiento and help you determine a fair offer.

5.  Don’t Get Too Attached
– While you may feel strongly that this is the Lake Nacimiento home for you; it’s not yours until the offer is accepted. Be patient with the process and realize that the offer could be refused.  Be prepared and have a backup plan.

6.  Don’t Become a Stalker– If you’ve made your offer, sit back and let the seller consider your offer and their timetable.  Don’t stalk them by going to their open houses, taking time to drive by the home, or contact the listing agent.  Direct any questions to your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent and remember that patience is key!

I hope these tips are helpful as you prepare to make an offer!  If you are just beginning to search for a home in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch on Lake Nacimiento and aren’t sure where to start; please let me know.  I have years of experience in working with buyers and sellers in the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market and would enjoy the opportunity to help you find the Lake Nacimiento home that fits your style and needs!  Feel free to contact me today to get started!

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