Top 7 Things to Know about Buying a Lake Nacimiento Waterfront Property!

If buying a waterfront home has been your dream for either a permanent residence or vacation property; there are a few things you’ll want to know!  Buying a home on Lake Nacimiento that enjoys the convenience and views of being a water front home can be an exciting time, but knowing what comes along with owning a Lake Nacimiento waterfront home is important.

As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent; I’ve had years of experience in dealing with waterfront properties and understand the ins and outs of buying a waterfront home.  While buying a home can be a little overwhelming, a waterfront property can be a little more complex.  However, having someone to walk with you each step of the way will enable the Lake Nacimiento waterfront home buying experience a smooth and stress free one.   Below are the top things of which you’ll want to be aware when buying a waterfront home on Lake Nacimiento!

1. Find a Waterfront Real Estate Agent
– This should be a top priority as there are additional things that go along with a waterfront home.  Again, the agent should be experienced with waterfront properties and, ideally, with Lake Nacimiento Real Estate as well!

2. Consider the Property More than the Structure– While it’s important to love the Lake Nacimiento home that you are buying; you’ll want to especially look at the property that it’s on.  The house can always be updated, but not being thrilled with the view or the murky swimming area are serious considerations and things you have to be willing to live with long-term. You will also want to consider whether an excellent water view will work for you instead of the pricier waterfront homes. Remember in Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch that the ramps are just mere minutes away. You then avoid the hassle of having to deal with moving your dock as the lake fluctuates.

3. Look into Loans Early– While the homes on Lake Nacimiento in the Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch communities have some very reasonably priced options; buying a waterfront home is typically more expensive than an inland home.  As lenders are buckling down on loan regulations this year; they’ll only consider very qualified buyers.  This should be one of the first steps you take before you begin your Lake Nacimiento waterfront home search.

4. Insurance can be Costly and Complicated
– Oftentimes waterfront homes will need additional insurance for wind or water damage and the costs can add up.  Your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent will be able to answer all of your questions and lead you in the right direction about your insurance options.

5. Find Out What You Can Do with the Property– You may want to add a deck or balcony to your home, or a fence to contain pets.  Knowing the regulations for Lake Nacimiento homes before you begin your project will save you time and energy.  You’ll also want to find out if your property has any restrictions on swimming, is a no-wake zone, etc..  Get to know your property!

6.  Talk to the Neighbors– Residents in Oak Shores and Heritage Ranch are very community oriented and would love to answer questions you may have about life on Lake Nacimiento or owning a waterfront property.

7.  Get to Know Your Responsibilities
– As a waterfront home owner, you’ll have additional responsibilities.  Not only will you have additional upkeep on your home as you deal with weather elements, there are also options for of being a part of the homeowners association.  Your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent will be able to help you determine what’s expected of you when buying a waterfront home.

While it may seem like there are a few more hoops to jump through when buying a Lake Nacimiento waterfront home; they’ll be well worth it!  When you’ve found the home that fits your lifestyle and you begin to get to know the Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch communities on Lake Nacimiento; you’ll soon forget the additional leg work that was involved in buying your waterfront home.  As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent who has dealt with many waterfront homes, I can answer any questions you may have and help you through the Lake Nacimiento waterfront home buying process!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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