Oak Shores Lake Naci News – March 2018

Oak Shores Lake Naci News – March 2018


There are three issues currently swirling around Lake Nacimiento: 1) Monterey County is poised to pursue eminent domain actions against landowners in the area who resist efforts by the Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) to do destructive, and potentially cataclysmic, geotechnical testing on properties situated along the Interlake Tunnel Project alignment; 2) Monterey County all but eliminated Park Rangers on the lake, and thus law enforcement, by reducing its level of Ranger staffing to one part timer; and 3) MCWRA has published its water release schedule for the remainder of the year, which, if unaltered, will drain the lake to a drastically low and harmful level.

The Nacimiento Regional Water Management Advisory Committee (NRWMAC), is, and has been, energetically pushing back against these actions by Monterey County and MCWRA as follows: 1) We have enlisted the support of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor John  Peschong to help us fight against Monterey County’s taking by eminent domain of properties from landowners who resist the geotechnical testing. Supervisor Peschong is a strong opponent of eminent domain. 2) We have published a petition on our website, and are currently gathering signatures on it, which demands that Monterey County redeploy Park Ranger Staff to the lake in sufficient numbers to ensure the safety and protection of our citizens and our lake. (See: https://nrwmac.org/save-the-dragon/park-ranger-staffing-at-lake-nacimiento-petition/) 3) We have also published a petition demanding that Monterey County stop the unprecedented release of water from the lake. (See:  https://nrwmac.org/save-the-dragon/lake-nacimiento-water-release-petition/)

I will continue to keep the residents of Oak Shores updated on these and other developments which affect us all.

Bing Smith, Director

PLEASE NOTE: Grace is working to get a Monterey County Rep form the Board of Supervisors to come to an open forum at the Oak Shores Club house to explain the releases. More info to follow.

Grace Borzini

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