Lake Naci News – May 2017

V.I.P Guest Entry Program


Members that call or email the gate with their guest lists ATLEAST 24 to 48 hours in advance will have their guests entered into the V.I.P Guest Entry Program. If you have guests coming in this weekend please contact the gate asap. You can call the gate at 805/472-2230 or email them at Please remember that you have to give the gate your property ACCOUNT # every time you authorize guests into the community.
If you have authorized your guests into the community within 24 to 48 hours in advance, the gate staff will have their guest pass pre-printed. Upon their arrival, we will welcome them to Oak Shores, provide them with their guest pass and Welcome Packet and they will be on their way.
This program is for guests in vehicles only, and guests bringing in a watercraft unfortunately do not qualify for the V.I.P program as their vessels have to be inspected and registered.
PLEASE NOTE, that if your family is on your permanent guest list and they DO NOT have an owners sticker and you are expecting them this weekend, you still have to call them in the gate so that we can pre-print their pass or they will be waiting in line. We don’t know they are coming unless you tell us!
All guests that are not on the guest list will be denied access to the community. Staff will be extremely busy and it will be very difficult to contact owners who have not called in their guests. Please do not leave your friends and family in line or waiting at the gate, call or email your guest list in today! Our staff will be working hard to get your family and friends in as fast as possible.

Feel free to contact the office at 805/472-2233 if you have any questions.

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