Lake Naci News – March 2013

Helping a Part of the Oak Shores Family

It is hard not to know Allison Pratt as she has been a familiar face at the gate of Oak Shores for over 15 years.
Many of you already know that she has injured herself and will take months to heal.
Oak Shores is a special community that comes together in times of need.  It is truly inspirational.
If you want more information or want to assist in any way, you can contact Stephanie or Debbie at the OSCA Office 472-2233 or Randy Feltman 472-2258 or Janice Gillenwater 472-9404.  Send any donation to the OSCA Office in c/o “OSCA Recreation Committee for Allison Pratt”.
Any help is much appreciated.

Click here to read more about the progress of Allison’s Assistance Project!

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