How Oak Shores Realty Helps Lake Nacimiento Home Sellers

Lake Nacimiento home sellers
Oak Shores Realty helps Lake Naci home sellers

When you’re ready to accomplish your Lake Nacimiento real estate goals this summer, give our Oak Shores Realty team a call! It’s wise to use a real estate professional’s help when selling or buying, and more sellers than ever are using an agent rather than trying to sell on their own. While it may seem to some sellers that they could save money by not using an agent, the majority of sellers actually sell their home for more when using an agent!

Here are some of the ways that our team of real estate agents can help you sell your Lake Nacimiento home:

Knowledge – An agent’s knowledge is not the same as your own knowledge via the internet. You can use home analysis tools to determine your home value, but how accurate are they? You can research local stats, but how outdated are they? An agent has all of the latest local trends at her fingertips. For example, I can find all of the homes that recently sold and see how much they listed for, how much they sold for, how long they were on the market, what type of buyers were interested, what buyers are looking for most in a home, etc.

Problem-solvers – As a seller, let’s say some major repairs come up in the home inspection. Or, some minor repairs do, but the inspector makes them sound worse than they are. Or, suppose you get your home appraised and it comes in below what you listed it for. These circumstances are enough to break a seller, but not an agent. We’re used to issues arising and we know how to handle them!

Negotiators – Real estate agents are professional negotiators. We negotiate all the time. Most home sellers do not do this on a regular basis. However, sellers will have to negotiate with buyers and buyers’ agents, who are also professional negotiators. Wouldn’t you feel better about having a professional negotiator on your side in one of the biggest sales of your life?

Neutral – Chances are, you have some attachment to your home, whether sentimental or financial. It’s easy to take criticism and lowball offers personally. Having an agent work with buyers allows for a neutral perspective. For example, if I see a trend of what buyers are turned off by in your home, I can let you know and we can work to improve it. If I see or notice an issue with your home, I will be honest and upfront with you. This could lead to a faster sale.

Marketing – Working with an agent will ensure that the most potential buyers see your home. Gone are the days of a yard sign and newspaper ad. It’s all about the internet now, professional photos, quality descriptions, emails, social media, letting other agents in the area know, and using those made connections that the best real estate agents have.

This is just a handful of the perks of working with a Lake Nacimiento real estate agent when wanting to sell your home! If you have questions, or you’re ready to sell, contact our Oak Shores Realty team. We’re ready to use our expertise to help you out!

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