Celebrate Earth Day on Lake Nacimiento and Along the Central Coast!

If you’re a resident of Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch on Lake Nacimiento, probably one of the things that drew you into lake living was being able to enjoy the outdoors.  From hiking, skiing, boating, or lounging on your deck that offers views of Lake Nacimiento, there are a variety of ways to enjoy our earth.  Many residents of Lake Nacimiento would agree that, even though Earth Day is officially just around the corner on April 22nd; living in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch means celebrating our environment every day!

As a Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent, I would encourage you to spend the Earth Day outdoors and enjoy the beauty that surrounds our lake.  Below are a few more ideas for celebrating Earth Day on Lake Nacimiento.

1. Plant a tree in your back yard– Besides being a fun activity for your family, planting trees help to lower greenhouse gas emissions, and they provide a habitat for a variety of other plants and animals. More trees in your yard can actually lower your cooling bill by providing shade over your house this summer.

2. Plant or renew your vegetable garden– April is the perfect time to plan your garden. Section off an area of your yard, and decide what you’d like to grow this year. If you don’t have a yard, window boxes and large pots work just as well. Home grown vegetables are pesticide-free and help you save money. You can also nourish them with recycled kitchen scraps and grass clippings.  Let the children choose new types of fruits or vegetables to try out each year, and give them responsibilities in the garden.

3. Go on a nature hike around Lake Nacimiento– Nature hikes are a great way to appreciate the details of our beautiful earth and you’ll get to know our lake even better!

4.  Clean up litter around Lake Nacimiento– This is a great way to give back to our community and make our environment even more beautiful. Bring some large bags and gather up trash to revive our community. Use sticks or gloves to pick up the litter you don’t want to touch.

5.  Cook a special Earth Day meal using all non-processed foods– Stop by the Oak Hill market and choose from their array of fresh food!  Invite the friends and family over to share a healthy, home-cooked meal. Get creative and decorate in an ‘earth day’ theme using leaves or potted plants, and let each guest take a plant home to add to their garden.

If you’re searching for an event in the area that will help you celebrate our earth and our Central California location, you’ll enjoy the 5th Annual Earth Day Food and Wine Festival taking place this weekend, April 15-17! You’ll enjoy sampling seasonal dishes and over 150 local Central Coast wines.  Hear musician Dan Curcio of Still Time and meet local farmers who are helping to bring fresh food to our area as well as creating a healthy environment!  View the 5th Annual Earth Day Food and Wine Festival website for more information about the weekend’s events!

Whether you celebrate Earth Day at the festival or by spending  time outdoors on Lake Nacimiento, I hope you are able to soak in the beautiful surroundings of Oak Shores, Heritage Ranch and Central California!  If you’re considering buying a vacation home or permanent residence on Lake Nacimiento, please let me know!  There are new properties coming on the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market each week and I’d be happy to show you what’s available.  Please feel free to contact me anytime to get started!

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