7 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling Your Lake Nacimiento Home!

Lake Nacimiento offers a great lifestyle for vacationers and year round residents alike!  It may be, however, that you’re expecting changes in 2011 and now have the need to sell your Lake Nacimiento home.

Before beginning the home selling process, there are few things to know that will help make the sale of your home run smoothly.  Of course finding the right Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent to sell your Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch home is key.  You’ll want to be sure to find an agent who has had a lot of experience with buyers and sellers on Lake Nacimiento .  Here are a few more things of which to be aware.


1. Don’t do major renovations before selling– While you may feel that your kitchen needs to be gutted and completely redone; this will not pay off in the long run.  These types of home construction projects are not likely to bring in the return on investment that you would need to make it worthwhile.  Instead, play up the highlights of your home.  Small changes to key features will make your Lake Nacimiento home stand out.

2. Don’t try to make the hard sell– While you may feel the need to be present at open houses because you know the ins and outs of your home; this makes it hard for the potential buyers. They don’t want to feel pressured by the seller and will want the opportunity to talk openly with their agent about their concerns.  Let your home speak for itself.

3. Don’t wait until spring to sell– The common belief is that Spring is the best time to sell as this is the time that buyers will begin searching.  It is true that Spring is typically the busiest season in Lake Nacimiento Real Estate; there are still people looking right now.  Why not get a jump start and reach out to those buyers who are actively looking for a Heritage Ranch or Oak Shores home right now?

4. Don’t set your sale price too high– Of course your will help you in determining the price of your home by providing information on what comparative Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agentLake Nacimiento homes are selling for; you want to be realistic. The moment buyers see that your home is overpriced, they will most likely look elsewhere.  Pricing it fairly will make it a desirable option for many hoping to buy on Lake Nacimiento.


5. Do provide easy access for showings– Ensure that there’s a clear path to your front door and that there is a convenient place to park.  Your home remains de-cluttered as you never know when you’ll get a showing and you want to be ready at a moment’s notice.  Having your home available as much as possible for showings allows the agent to feel comfortable setting showing appointments for your home.

6. Do market your home in different ways– You’ll want to check with your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent to see what type of marketing they will do for your home.  The majority of their marketing should be online since 80% of people search for homes online.  I would be happy to talk with you about my extensive marketing strategy!

7. Do showcase your home’s best features– Decorating tastes can vary greatly from buyer to buyer, so take time to look around your home.  Is your home’s interior anything that would detract from the great features of your home?  Making your home a more neutral zone will help buyers envision themselves living there and they’ll more clearly see what sets your home apart from other on Lake Nacimiento.

Selling your Heritage Lake or Oak Shores home on Lake Nacimiento can be a smooth and efficient endeavor if you begin with the right steps.  If you have questions about the sale of your Lake Nacimiento home or are ready to get started; please let me know.  I have years of experience in the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market and will get your home sold!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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