4 Advantages of Selling a Smaller Home on Lake Nacimiento!

As you think about selling your Lake Nacimiento home, you may be concerned that it’s not the largest home in the Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch communities.  While this cozy home has been perfectly sized for your needs, you may feel that those looking to buy a home on Lake Nacimiento will want a larger vacation or permanent home.

Being in the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market for years; I can assure you that bigger is not always better!  There are those who buy a second home on Lake Nacimiento as a place to retire, to vacation during the summer or as a weekend getaway and, frankly, they don’t need or want the extra space!  Be encourage that a smaller home can sell in today’s real estate market.  Below are 4 reasons why people are choosing cozy homes over grandiose options.

1. Lower Costs– Lower utility costs is a bonus for many who are searching for a home on Lake Nacimiento!  Your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent will make sure to point this out potential buyers.  They’ll also be able to point out how much buyers will save on property taxes for the smaller lot.

2. Easier Maintenance– Many who are buying a second home or retirement home are searching for easy-to-maintain homes. Your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent can tell potential buyers how much time it takes you to cut the lawn, for example, or they can point out that a small lawn requires little to no watering. Highlight any new features such as a heating system, air conditioner or any new appliances because new systems mean no maintenance (or at least warranty covered), which is attractive to those living in their Lake Nacimiento home for part of the year.

3. Earth Friendly– Make “green” information obvious. Pointing out space-saving, cost-efficient, on-demand water heater, new energy-efficient heating system or on the closet leading to the attic with the special insulation will give your home that extra boost. Also, get rid of paint and solvents lying around sheds or garages (and dispose of them properly). If your Lake Nacimiento home is not green in all areas, don’t go overboard with being “green”, but focus on the low maintenance and reduced costs advantages.

4. It Is Enough Space– People who are cutting back are re-thinking all that extra space in big homes, so it’s your job to show that your smaller home in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch does have enough room. You can make those rooms look bigger a few simple ways:

•    De-Clutter- A home filled with unnecessary things will automatically appear smaller.  Look at your home from an objective stand point, as a buyer would, and remove anything that is cluttering a room.
•    Let in the light- Making sure all blinds and curtains are open during a showing will flood the home with light and give the appearance of more open space.
•    Sell the area- Lake Nacimiento has much to offer, which is a draw for many to buy in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch.  As we know, location is key!  Your Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent will point out how far it is to the nearest grocery store, trails, Lake Nacimiento and the Oak Shores Club house.

As you can see, selling a smaller home in Oak Shores or Heritage Ranch has its advantages!  Don’t worry that because your home is smaller than neighboring homes for sale; it will be overlooked.  Finding the right Lake Nacimiento Real Estate agent will be imperative for a smooth home selling process.  If you have not yet found an agent to sell your home; I’d love to offer my services.  I have years of experience with buyers and sellers in Lake Nacimiento and know how to get your home sold quickly!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the Lake Nacimiento Real Estate market or to get started.   I hope to hear from you soon!

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