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Why to Live on Lake Nacimiento!

What is a ‘lake person?’ It’s someone who has lived on a lake, vacationed regularly at a lake, spent lots of time at a lake, and dreamt of days spent at the lake. As a Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, and longtime resident, I love this article I found from Odyssey about how you know you’re a lake person.

They mentioned a lot of ways to tell if you are one, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • You wave to everyone. Remember the good old days when everyone would wave and greet each other, whether you knew them or not? Well, lake people are still like that! Everyone is friends at Lake Naci.
  • You drove a boat before a car. Maybe you even drove a boat before you rode a bike! Driving your parent’s boat is like a coming of age. Of course, you were probably sitting on a guardian’s lap.
  • You’ve slept in your swimsuit. Hours spent on Lake Nacimiento will leave you feeling happy and exhausted. Who else has walked inside and immediately fallen into a deep nap while still suited?
  • You have a ‘lake pair’ of everything. You’ve learned not to bring your really nice possessions to the lake. You have lake clothes, shoes, suits, hats, bags, towels, etc. When you shop, you first ask yourself, can I wear/bring this to the lake?
  • Your boat is a hydration station. You’ve learned how thirsty you get while cruising out on the lake, so whether it’s water and Gatorade, or wine and beer, you have as many beverages as you have gasoline!
  • You fall down and get back up again. More times than you care to admit, you’ve been thrown off a tube, taken spills on water skis, slipped of a dock, etc. Then you learn from your mistakes and get back up again. This trait carries over into the rest of your life, too!
  • You have memories to last a lifetime. The sunsets, the boat cruises, the fishing trips, the community events, the neighbors you’ve met, the stories, laughs and lessons. You have a lifetime full of them.

What else would you add to this list? How else do you know a ‘lake person’ from one who is not? They listen to Jimmy Buffet on repeat? Their feet have calluses that can withstand any temperature? They have raccoon eyes from the tan around their sunglasses? Share how you can notice a lake person!

Living on Lake Nacimiento is a marvelous experience, and one you can’t fully understand until you do it. If you’d like to become a lake person, full time or otherwise, contact me. I would love to help you buy a Lake Naci home, and to help you relocate to the Central Coast if need be!

I am a Lake Nacimiento real estate agent, helping people become ‘lake people’ one person or family at a time.

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