Frequently Asked Questions of Renters

What types of properties do you manage?
We manage everything from small homes to large single-family homes.

Do you accept Section 8?
A few of our owners will consider Section 8, but the final decision is based upon the application as a whole.

Do you allow pets?
As a general rule, the properties we manage do not take any pets. A few of the houses will consider pets, but it depends on how many, what kind, what size, etc. If an owner will accept a tenant with a pet, an additional pet deposit is required (usually a minimum of $200.00) and the tenant is required to have the carpets professionally cleaned and the unit defleaed when they move out.

Is there an application fee?
$15.00 processing fee. We are hired by the property owners to find qualified tenants for their properties. We do charge a nominal fee from the tenants to submit an application. However, once you have submitted an application and put down a security deposit on a property, we will charge you for any expenses we incur while verifying your information if we find any of the information on your application to be false.

What do you look for when reviewing an application?
Our goal is to match tenants with a property that fits well with their needs and lifestyle. We also have an obligation to the owner to place a tenant who can pay the rent and be a responsible and respectful tenant and neighbor. We need to be able to verify your income and/or means of paying rent. In addition, it is to your advantage if we can verify your rental history with a previous landlord.

Do you accept co-signors?
It depends on the situation and the perspective landlord. We understand that some prospective tenants depend on the financial support of other parties. We will need to be able to verify that the co-signor has the means to support the monthly rent, so co-signors need to complete the “Co-signor Form”. Please note: Co-signors are only guaranteeing the rent. They are not parties to the rental agreement itself.

How much is the security deposit?
As a general rule, the security deposit is $300 more than one month’s rent for units that rent for less than $1200/month. If a unit rents for $1200/month or more, then the security deposit is $500 more than one month’s rent. For example, an house that rents for $800 has a deposit of $1100 ($800 +$300), but a house that rents for $1500 has a deposit of $2000 ($1500 + $500). Your security deposit is NOT a last month’s rent. When you move out, your deposit will be refunded to you within three weeks. Any cleaning expenses, damages, legal fees, unpaid rent or other expenses will be itemized and deducted.

How much will it cost me to move in?
In order to secure a unit, you must put down the complete security deposit. When the unit is available for move-in, you will need to pay a full first month’s rent. Your second month’s rent will be pro-rated if you moved in after the first of the month.

How much can I expect to pay in rent?
This is the magic question!! Unfortunately, it’s a very difficult one to answer. Each unit is unique and they all vary in size, location, age, yard space and amenities (fireplace, refrigerator, view, garage, storage, etc.) Also, the owner may pay for some or all of the utilities. This will obviously affect the amount of rent and the number of people they allow to live there. As a general rule of thumb: one bedrooms may begin around $750 and go as high as $900; two bedrooms can range from $875-1200 or higher; three bedrooms start around $1200 and go up from there.

How can I get a list of the properties you have available?
You can view a list of our long-term rentals here on our website. This list is updated once or twice a week. However, this list can change as often as several times a day, so it is best to call or come in to our office for the most current information.

Do you require a lease?
No. All of our rentals are month-to-month. This means you may give 30-days written notice to move at any time. Likewise, the owner may give you 30- or 60-days written notice at any time.

What is the application procedure?
You are welcome to check our listings on this website or by calling our office. After you submit an application, we will try to make arrangements for you to see the interior of the unit. When you decide on a unit, you will need to put down the complete security deposit in order to hold it. We will not process your application until you have decided on a unit and placed a security deposit. If your application is approved, you will need the first month’s rent in full on the day the unit is available. We will pro-rate the second month’s rent if you move in on a date other than the first. Because of the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to call you when new listings come available. You will need to check with our office for new listings. If you fax your application to the office, please follow-up with a phone call. We do not process any applications until we have spoken with you in person and have received a security deposit.