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Here's what a few of our past clients have to say...

John Deszcz

"Ms. Borzini offered to provide whatever information I needed to help me make a decision on a property while providing new listings that met criteria I provided during a call from her. She suggested a list of possible obstacles I might encumber should I decide to  purchase and develop property. Grace has personally kept me informed via email, of new listings, educating me on the difference of buying a house in southern Orange County versus raw undeveloped land in south Monterey County. I realize when it comes time to buy she will have done everything in her power to help me make the right decision and lessen the stress involved in making it. If needed I'm sure she would kick me in the butt if asked to get me off the porch and into the game."


Noreen Towers
Performance Realty Group

"Hi Grace,

Just wanted to let you know how much I like working with you. You do what you say. Your office is proactive. You have clear systems and procedures (even if they are complicated, they work).

Thank you for your good work!"


Connie & Peggy Bauer

"Working with Grace and her team was a pleasure. They were efficient, professional and got the job done quickly! We would definitely recommend Oak Shores Realty and will definitely use them in the future."


Sarah Cummings

"Oak Shores handled the sale of my home with complete professionalism. Through the entire process, there were open lines of communication and Grace was there to explain or clarify any questions that arose. I had complete trust in my agents through the transaction, and was able to sell my home with comfort and confidence."


Gene Martinelli

"When we made the arrangement to look for a retirement home in Oak Shores, we had no intension of purchasing a home, just looking at that point. Our agent sold us within hours of how magical the area was, and she showed that with her passion of the area, and the people within the community. If didn't take us long to know, Oak Shores is a community we hope to spend the next chapter of our lives in. The agent found us exactly what we were looking for, and help to negotiate the price, where we could afford to make the decision now, rather than later."


Therese Harris

"Oak Shores Realty did an excellent job determining my needs when buying a home. Their knowledge of the market is second to none not to mention their great location. I would definitely recommend Oak Shores Realty to my friends and family!"


Herlinda Ryan

"I was referred to Oak Shores Realty and was happy with their ability to determine my home buying needs. The customer service and marketing abilities were excellent. I would definitely use them again and recommend the team to my friends and family."


Debie Mazzuca

"Grace and her team were always there for me.  They were very helpful each step of the way!"


Gary and Margaret White

"Our selling experience was excellent.  Grace and her team have first handknowledge of the community. They explained the current market and provided us with up-to-date information on the progress of our sale."


Brad Rice

"Grace and her team were able to assist me with a purchase that fit 100% of my needs."


Michelle Hays

"The realtors on both sides of the sell were very professional & seemed respectable to one another.  Something that I admire in the profession."


Don Miller

"Grace and her team did an excellent job selling our house at Oak Shores.  Would highly recommend them and will use them again if the need arises."


Tom Franck

"One of the most trouble free,quick real estate transactions I have ever experienced!"


Julia Rubbo

"Excellent Service!"


Liz Hutton

"Grace's professionalism and commitment to service as well as her attention to detail made the sale of our family home a wonderful experience."


Bonnie Lyday

"Grace Borzini made the sale of my property a good experience. I did not have to think about the process as I totally trusted her to do what was necessary not only for me the seller, but for the buyer as well. The word is integrity!!"


A Very Happy Client

"The manner in which you, Grace, and your staff, handled the listing and sale of my home in Oak Shores is truly to be commended.

In the early staged of the sale, it became apparent that, unbeknownst to me, I had a leak in my roof that I  thought had been remedied by a local roofer on two different occasions. Because I live in Orange County, California, and because of my husband's recent death, you and your employees went far above and beyond the norm to help me resolve this situation.

The leak in the roof resulted in the need for mold remediation, which took a great deal of effort to provide bids, contractors, and see the job finished. I did not have to do any of the business of setting up appointments, scheduling contractors, meeting with inspectors, etc. to have this time consuming job completed. You and your team did all the work for me, knowing that I was emotionally unable to make decisions or handle business manners while grieving. While you kept me apprised of any information I needed to know; you definitely relieved me of the overwhelming details involved.

In addition, we had a very long and difficult escrow for a variety of reasons. The sale of the lake house, the "dream house" my husband and I designed and had custom built, was a beautiful gift that we shared with many family members and friends and where we made unforgettable memories over the years. Thus, with the difficulty of the escrow and giving up something we treasured together, it was truly bittersweet. You and your team worked tirelessly for me throughout the entire process.

It is with complete confidence and pleasure that I recommend Grace Borzini and her employees at Oak Shores Realty for anyone's real estate needs."


Dale Gereaux

"With the economic down turn in our country, I found it necessary to sell my vacation home in Oak Shores at Lake Nacimiento, so I listed it with Oak Shores Realty. Grace Borzini along with her team, Leona Young and Judy Dick worked diligently to bring potential buyers to see my house.

While most people are looking for newer, more modern, larger homes at the lake, she was able to find someone looking for a Cedar Log home with a great view, like mine. A good price for all was agreed upon but with the overly cautious bank appraisers these days, the appraisal came in over 20% lower.

Grace paid for a second appraisal and proved to the appraiser, using many of her recent sales in the neighborhood, that the price was indeed correct for my house.  After the bank reviewed the second appraisal the sale was completed. 

Had Grace and her team not worked as hard as they did for me, I could have ended up like so many others these days and either sold my house at a loss or be forced to let it go in a short sale or foreclosure.  All their help will make my early, forced retirement a little easier to endure.

Thanks again to Grace, Leona and Judy"


The Athos Family

"Grace Borzini and Lynnie Oliveira were a great help to us in getting our house to market and getting it sold quickly and efficiently.  They guided us every step of the way. They were always available for any questions we had and explained everything in easily understood terms.  Both were pleasant to work with. We are very grateful and recommend them to anyone interested in selling a home."


Gary and Silvia Van Schuyver

"Grace and her team at Oak Shores Realty did an excellent job representing us as we purchased a bank owned property at Lake Nacimiento. Grace's market knowledge of the area combined with her understanding and back ground in bank owned properties were invaluable. Oak Shores Realty's attention to detail and follow-up were truly appreciated!"


Rachel and Greg Gonzalez

"Grace was very assertive in keeping the process moving and keeping us informed. We are so happy with our new home! Grace worked hard to find the home that fit our needs and she followed through until the very end and we had our keys! We couldn't be happier for our first home!"


Bob and Sharon Moore

"Oak Shores Realty has a team of well engaged agents who are professional and managed by a fearless leader. Grace Borzini and her team are among the finest group of professionals I have worked with. They are well engaged in the process from start to finish. As a professional investor, I was looking for fast and efficient service. Not someone to hold my hand. I received this from Grace."


Paul Howard

Thanks for all your help you were great during the entire process, your professionalism and responsiveness was above and beyond."


Robert J. Moore of Ventus Properties LLC

"Grace Borzini and her team at Oak Shores Realty have represented our family and investment firm for about two (2) years.

We have purchased, listed and sold properties with the Oak Shores Realty team. As always, there are problems, issues, and contingencies to be addressed and solved with buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction. Grace and the Oak Shores Realty team ALWAYS responded with integrity and professionalism.

I recommend them for any buyer, seller, or professional investor. We plan on continuing to do business with them."


Wayne and Karen Griffin

"A million thanks to Grace Borzini at Oak Shores Realty for getting our lake house sold in a month. After watching all the grim news about the real estate market, we certainly did NOT think we would sell our vacation home right away.

Even though I have friends in the Pismo Beach area that sell real estate, I made the correct decision by using Oak Shores Realty. With the help of Grace Borzini we priced our home correctly and had a buyer, in fact two, in a month.

A few months prior to putting our house on the market we invested in a new roof, skylights, fresh paint inside and new railing on the deck. It made all the difference. With our home being move in ready and the exposure we got on the web site we had a cash offer and closed escrow in about 45 days.

Listen to what you realtor suggests and for sure have it listed with Oak Shores Realty.

Happy Campers!
Arroyo Grande, CA"


Diane and Norman Braga

"I would like to say that working with Oak Shores Realty/ Grace Borzini has been a real pleasure.  She is  extremely professional, easily assessable, always returns our calls and emails and on top of the home purchasing process from start to closing.  We look forward to working with her again soon."


A.J. Glassman, Esq.

"I have been an attorney since 1995. I was a real estate agent for over 6 years before that. As a result of my background and employment history, I have steadfastly held the position that there is an inherent conflict of interest for a broker/agent to represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction. That the commission earned by the broker/agent is always the overriding factor and that the best interest of the client is therefore compromised.

I am happy to state that I WAS PROVEN WRONG!

Grace Borzini of Oak Shores Realty was my agent. I was the buyer. Grace also represented the sellers. At all times during the negotiations of the purchase contract through the 60 day escrow, Grace was always the ultimate professional.

At all times, she made me feel that I was the only client she was representing and that she was always looking out for my best interest. I learned through speaking with the sellers, after we closed escrow, that they felt the same way.

I would highly recommend Grace Borzini for all your real estate needs.

PS. I closed escrow in Oaks Shores in May 2007. I have known Grace Borzini since February 2007."


Ted and Marjorie Crosby

"Ted and I want to thank you for the very good experience in working with you and your team in the selling of our Oak Shores house.  From the moment that we signed with Oak Shores Realty to the moment the 'sale' money was deposited into our savings account, we experienced nothing less than a strong commitment to us as your clients, professionalism, excellent experience and knowledge of the market and a confidence that you and your team would be able to get the job done.  In fact, your help and guidance was crucial in us getting the price we wanted for our home.  This was our first experience in selling a house and because of your dedication, a very pleasant one.

We had many wonderful years in our home at Oak Shores.  It was very nice that even the final act of selling the house turned out to be a winner.

Take care, and please thank your staff as well for all of their help."


Jerry and Daryl Lyon

"After spending seven wonderful years with family and friends vacationing at Oak Shores, we decided to sell our home.  We asked Grace to assist in making that transition work for us, and we made the right choice.

As a person who knows Oak Shores, its residents, and South County very well, she handled the required improvements on our older home with as much professionalism and speed as could be expected.  She knows the local contractors and made all the arrangements with them, then stayed on top of the work.  That was something that only a local could do.

As a duel agent, she worked to make every step of the sale as smooth as possible.  It was obvious that she had both our interest and the interest of the buyer in mind.

So we leave behind  many wonderful memories of times spent with our growing family and the pleasant transition made from those peaceful days both on the lake and sitting by the fire on a Christmas morning as we move into this new phase of our lives.  Thanks so much, Grace."


Joe and Penny Rappa

"Deciding to sell our home in Oak Shores was very difficult. For over 25 years it was our "home away from home". Choosing Grace Borzini of Oak Shores Realty was the best decision. Any real estate transaction comes with some complications - reams of paper to sign, inspections to complete and numerous appointments to co-ordinate. Grace represented both the buyers and us with the highest degree of integrity. Without hesitation, we recommend Grace Borzini."


Robert D. Ellis

"My wife and I were completely satisfied with the results we achieved through Grace Borzini and Oak Shores Realty. Grace did an excellent job selling our lot at Oak Shores and then helped us do a 1031 tax exchange purchase on a home in Heritage Ranch. Grace is professional and extremely knowledgeable. We look forward to the next opportunity to do business with her and Oak Shores Realty."


Rich and Sharon Casey

"It's kind of unusual to have a great friend and a great business associate in the same package, so we feel especially fortunate to have that kind of relationship with Grace. We've worked together, played together and raised families together. Her kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity and work ethic are traits to which we all can aspire."


Bob and Dodie Williams

"Bob and I appreciated the handling of the sale of our Oak Shores home. We had worked with another agent previous to listing with Oak Shores Realty, and there was a world of difference between the two approaches.

We both enjoyed working with you on the sale, and especially were impressed with your professionalism and dedication to us as the sellers. Often an agent is so intent on selling a property that she forgets just whom she is working for, often to the detriment of the seller. You were just the opposite, always at the ready to give us helpful hints on how best to show the house and advice on how to respond to an offer, particularly as we got closer to agreement with the ultimate buyer. Since we live in San Luis Obispo, your concern as to how the house looked and taking extra time to stop by to check things out regularly was another plus.

We finally took our long-awaited trip and were able to leave without worrying about the lake house for the first time in many years. For that you have our deepest thanks."


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