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As a Central Coast real estate agent, I’ve been introducing you to some of the communities within the Central Coast region, to help you get to know each one and decide where you want to settle down and grow roots. I’d like to talk about Paso Roble, but I often write blog posts about the Paso region. If you feel like you already know it pretty well, let’s talk about its history!

Did you know that Paso Robles is more than 125 years old? The native Salinan Indians were the region’s first inhabitants and referred to the region as “the springs.” In the 1700’s, Spain’s Franciscan padres arrived and learned about the health benefits of the thermal hot spring waters.

The padres planted the region’s first vineyards, and we know what that led to! They settled down and began cattle ranching, farming and winemaking in Paso Robles. You can still view the fermentation vats at nearby Mission San Miguel.

The 1800’s brought more changes, as European settlers joined Spanish residents, and tourists came to test out the hot springs and mud baths. A railroad was built in the late 1880’s and the town was incorporated in 1889. The first amenities were City Park and today’s Paso Robles Inn.

Visit these places and events for some rich history of Paso Robles:

  • All of the Missions in the area, which began the migration to this region, thanks to Spanish padres.
  • City Park was built in 1981 and originally was fenced by a hedge of cacti.
  • Paso Robles Inn, which was originally the three-story Hotel El Paso de Robles, the first hotel for tourists.
  • York Mountain Winery, which was originally Ascension Winery, the city’s first commercial winery.
  • The Bathhouse building, built to attract tourists to the hot springs, which now houses a candy shop at the corner of 11th and Pine.
  • Carnegie Historic Library, which collects and preserves properties, objects and papers of historical interest to the Paso Robles area.
  • Pioneer Day, which was established in 1931 and is still the largest community event of the year.
  • California Mid-State Fair, which began in 1946 and brings together both residents and tourists.

Now, as you may know, Paso Robles houses around 30,000 residents, more than 200 wineries and over 26,000 acres of vineyards. It is still home to those thermal hot springs, and its rich history has never been forgotten. A timeline of Paso Robles history can be obtained from the El Paso de Robles Historical Society.

Paso Robles sounds like a wonderful place in the past, and it’s still an amazing place to live today! When ready to relocate to the Central Coast region, contact me, your Central Coast real estate agent. I am here and ready to help!

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