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Fort Hunter Liggett – The Nation’s Largest Army Reserve Installation

With a permanent staff of only 250 civilian and military personnel, Fort Hunter Liggett’s population swells to 4,000 Army Reserve soldiers when troops arrive for training. Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) is the largest military installation in the Army Reserve and the eighth largest in the US Army.

History – Army Proud!

Originally named for US Army General Hunter Liggett in 1941, Fort Hunter Liggett is a United States Army fort located in southern Monterey County, California. Located equal distance between Los Angeles to the south and San Francisco to the north, the land for the fort was purchased from William Randolph Hearst in 1940. It was under the authority of Camp Roberts (USCG), to the southeast, until 1952, Fort Hunter Liggett became a sub installation of Fort Ord on the Monterey, California Peninsula. Today Fort Hunter Liggett is a sub installation of Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.

Superior Size & Firepower

With a landmass of more than 165,000 acres, Fort Hunter Liggett is comprised of protected mountains, lush valleys, pristine rivers, open plains, and dense forests. Fort Hunter Liggett provides an ideal live fire training facility for today's mobile brigade-based Army. FHL's facilities include a Convoy Live Fire Training Course, Weapons Qualification Ranges (pistol range to Tank Table 12), a Live Fire Shoot House, an Urban Assault Course, a C-17 capable airstrip, 33 Drop Zones, a 36-pad Heliport, an Ammunition Supply Point, and an Engagement Skills Trainer-2000. On base classroom facilities include a Distance Learning Center equipped with 50 classrooms, 36 computers, and bed space for more than 3,500 US Army Reserve Soldiers.

Bright Future for Fort Hunter Liggett

Current tenants at Fort Hunter Liggett are the 3rd Brigade 356th Logistical Support Battalion, 7th Brigade 104th Division (Institutional Training), the 31st Naval Construction Regiment, Operation Platinum Wrench, and the 63rd RRSC Equipment Concentration Site 170. In 2009 the 91st Division (Training Support) is scheduled to reorganize and relocate from Camp Parks to Fort Hunter Liggett. In the near future an Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC) is scheduled for construction.

Moving With The Military?

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